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Boys Will Be Boys

I am listening to the news.

The news is about a man who wants to be appointed to be a Supreme Court Justice.

The news is about this man being accused of attempting to rape a girl when he was a teenager.

Some people are saying that this rape does not count, because he was young, and "boys will be boys," and they do hurtful things, because they cannot help it.

The afternoon before my husband and I signed the papers to purchase our first home, he disappeared from our apartment. My daughter was an infant at the time. She was in my arms.

My husband disappeared because he was stressed about our mortgage. He hated owing money. He was nervous about purchasing permanence. He was worried about being responsible. He had screamed and thrown something and made a hole in a wall earlier in the day.

He didn't tell me he was leaving our apartment. He just left. And he stayed away. And he didn't answer his phone for many hours. Many hours later, after nursing our baby and worrying and…

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